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From time to time, second-grade or flawed scarves become available from the manufacturer of the Gabiano Plains Collection; these products are marked as 'Second'. Similarly, second-grade or flawed scarves sometimes are available from the manufacturers of our Gabiano Patterned Collections; these products are marked as 'Imperfect’.  Often the flaws are minor and insignificant, and in offering the products for sale, Gabiano customers have the chance to purchase a quality product at an excellent price!

Examples of possible imperfections could be any one or more of the following:

  • off-colour dyes (where dyelot differs from colour shown in the Gabiano sample book)
  • fabric flaws
  • visible fabric selvedges
  • faulty/crooked hem(s)
  • sticky residue from labelling
  • and/or other similar defects

Due to the flaws, imperfect items are marked-down for quick sale and are, therefore, not returnable. If you have any questions relating to these items, please Contact us.